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Things to Know

Posted by Monty Roberts on 08/13/2020


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Important things new pilots should know about CRAF Virtual Cargo:


1.  The Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) is made up of civilian airlines that are used to supplement the fleet of the U.S. Air Force Air Mobility Command.  

2.  Please vote for CRAF Virtual Cargo on the Virtual Airline List (  

3.  We are the CRAF component of  However, you do not need to be a member of AMC Virtual to join us.  

4.  We only use smartCARS to log flights.  Instructions for downloading and installing our custom client can be found in the Knowledge Base.

5.  We have a Bonus Hours System.  Qualifying pilots will receive a 10% flight hour bonus each month.  Information on the Bonus Hours System can be found in the Knowledge Base.

6. was an invaluable asset in the development of our flight schedule. 

7.  We only fly Scheduled Flights.  There are no charter flights available. 

8.  To make your first flight, find a flight in the schedule, bid on it, load FSX, load smartCARS, select your bid flight in the smartCARS FLIGHTS Tab.  When the flight is complete, file the PIREP in smartCARS.

9.  CRAF Virtual rank is based on a combination of flight hours and participation.  The first 5 ranks are based on flight hours.  The higher ranks, beginning at ATP Captain, are based on a combination of flight hours, time in grade, and examinations.