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CRAFvC Has Moved

Posted by Monty Roberts on 05/11/2021


CRAF Virtual Cargo has been merged with  


After some discussion, we have decided to close the CRAFvC website.  There just hasn’t been enough interest in CRAF flights to justify the expense of the website.   So, I am planning to take down the CRAFvC website in the next few days. 


I have already transfered CRAF Operations it to  CRAF Operations are now under the Civil Reserve Air Fleet tab on 


It includes five CRAF Hubs.  We have CRAF schedules for Atlas Air and FedEx.  I will create schedules for ABX Air, UPS Airlines, and Kalitta Air as soon as possible.  And, all five CRAF Hubs are now listed on the Roster Page. 


All CRAFvC pilots will receive a flight hour transfer to AMCv of CRAFvC flight hours flown, plus a 10% bonus.  Nonflyers will receive 10 flight hours.  If you are not a member of AMCv, join to receive your flight hour transfer, plus the bonus.