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Welcome to the Civil Reserve Air Fleet Virtual Cargo (CRAFvC) virtual airline!  We are the CRAF component of, a military cargo flight club.  


In 1952, the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) was created by the Department of Defense.  The purpose of the Civil Reserve Air Fleet is to supplement the Air Force’s fleet of C-5s and C-17s. 


In addition to the wartime mobilizations, the Department of Defense also makes available peacetime CRAF contracts to CRAF carriers.  The peacetime CRAF contracts are the primary missions of the CRAFvC.  Only U.S. registered air carriers are eligible for peacetime CRAF contracts. 


CRAF Virtual Cargo is committed to flying CRAF cargo missions as authentically as possible.  In that regard, has been an invaluable asset in developing our scheduled flights.  


We have selected our Hubs from the current CRAF carriers’ US Hubs.  All CRAFvC Hubs will be located in the US.  We have created a domestic schedule with flights from our hubs directly to CONUS Air Force Bases.  And, our transoceanic flights are a mix of both direct flights and multi-leg flights. 


Once the cargo is loaded, your flight is under the control of the Air Mobility Command.  All CRAFvC flights are therefore restricted to US controlled Air Bases, and CRAFvC designated airports.  For this reason, CRAFvC charter flights and smartCARS charter flights are not allowed. 


If you need to refuel on your flight, it must be done at a US Air Base.  If you are in doubt about an air base or airport, check the Airline Map, or contact your Hub Manager. 


We also have a Bonus Flight Hours System that rewards pilots with additional flight hours each month.  For more information on Bonus Flight Hours, check the Knowledge Base. 



Monty Roberts, President, CRAF Virtual Cargo